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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Happy Birthday to me! A new thread into the social sculpture: 3 gratitudes per day.

Oct 2nd 2014

Happy birthday to me

With the stars
in the firmament
my birthdays
come and go;
today a blip on
the horizon of time
but the sing song
we all know so well
delves deep within
to the eternity
of same moments
silk ribbons
of memories past
connecting me
to the magic
of this creation
ever birthing.

1. A really soft gentle day...thank you to John Caron for his gentleness and being able to share sensitive delight of sunlight shining through the budding leaves of the new forest and within ourselves, for adventure of wrong turns that are right turns in the end and birthday suit beauty. 

2 Deep thanks to Adrian Robinson, Debs Robinson and Ruth Robinson and Brian Robinson, for all your gifts, balloon ride, bracelet and kind words of deep love in your card, the GPS that helped us make less mistakes on the road, the cake and more than anything else all of your presence at the birthday table. I love you all. 

3 Gratitude for being showered in love by friends from all over...

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