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Friday, 27 January 2012

Jules Verne did it, so why can´t we?

 Rexsy receives cosmic symphonies through meditation and creates them in the moment without any editing. "In deep meditative state, as the mind remains silent, cosmic energy pervasively reaches all atoms of life. This movement of energy is wisdom."

So how about this for another idea that came and rested in my nest: 

Lets just say again, for the sake of argument, that a cosmic morning shines onto our planet in the near future and light energy arrives to us from the centre of our galaxy.  It is light that was being obstructed, such as happens with the rays of the sun in the night.  Lets say also that this brings a jump in consciousness.  For a moment let´s just accept it.  

Well then, under a greater consciousness centered in our hearts, we will suddenly see how silly we have been in so many things, sticking to our ego-mind drives, blocking ourselves to the bigger picture, seeing ourselves as individual beings having to “fight” for our survival, holding, grasping onto our grievances about how people have not upheld our self images of how super special we are, having fear as our motivation for so many actions instead of love, and suddenly seeing - how simple it all is! The ego baggage falls from our tense shoulders and our muscles relax into peace, into a more loving existence, into a greater harmony with ourselves, with others and with creation.  We breathe a deep sigh, as if we have just stepped out of a car in the middle of the mountains, after a long journey on the first day of our holidays.  Fresh mountain air!  Release!!

Let´s just believe we can. Let´s imagine we can be it, that we can become this more highly evolved us. 

But my ego-mind, pushing me off course then thinks me: “Yes, maybe I and others can do it but what about the “baddies”, the financial market controllers who would prefer to make money instead of being aware that they are throwing families onto the street, who are making other people´s lives unnecessarily filled with fear of not being able to keep up with rent, with supermarket bills, with the rising tension between people.  What about the bullies who have the material power in the world right now?” 

And this is the thinked thought of today, an answer! - “Well now, just imagine that this higher level consciousness enters into their minds too!  And they realise that what they are doing is not bringing them the love they are looking for, nor the peace, nor the self contentment and that they themselves are caught in a prison of fear (for many people presently would like to see them dead)…it is the Scrooge story!”  

Forced to see himself as he is.
The power of imagination is real, just like Jules Verne who imagined space travel before it was possible, who imagined a submarine before it was possible, like Da Vinci who imagined a plane, or any of the good science-fiction writers who use parts of their brain to see new possibilities that most of us have dormant.  Many well imagined fantasy worlds have later become true, or should I say, have become material (they were always on some dimension true already).  

So lets imagine with all our hearts that these Scrooges of the modern world do in fact listen to the ghost of the past, present and future, and comprehend their situation. Having "seen" these people will yearn for a positive change in their own lives.  For why are there people who are trying to control the world, with microchips, bank systems, see through political wars and big machines that can create naturally appearing disasters that have more killing power than atomic bombs?  Why are they trying to do that?  Do they control because they are they afraid of being controlled?  Are they protecting themselves from massive mental monsters that warp their vision?  Why do these people, like some rich neighbours in my home village, sleep in rooms that are bomb proof with massively thick automatic all-protecting doors?  Who are they really afraid of?  What have they done to think that such a personal attack is possible?  How do they ever feel real love? 

There are two types of power: external power over others and internal power within ourselves.  The first brings tension of having to maintain that imposed power and fear of “mutiny”, fear of being attacked by those who are being controlled against their will.  The second allows us to control our own reactions, to be able to respond well, which brings greater joy and deeper, more intimate relationships based on trust, knowing each has power over themselves and their reactions even in difficult times.  No one is going to blow up because something they didn´t like happened.  It also allows us to have greater confidence in ourselves in easy times and difficult times, greater self esteem and therefore a healthier relationship with the world.  Internal power, which allows one to maintain connection with our true selves, with our joy, with happiness, with a loving attitude, automatically, organically brings others around you, because they want to be there, because it feels good.

If, as we become surrounded by this new earth consciousness, those highly defended behind the bullet proof walls of the present system really do stop to listen to their Scrooge ghosts, then maybe they will comprehend that the power they have exerted over others, and the fear they have generated for themselves are just not necessary any longer: that they are OK, they are safe, they can relax, they need not fight any more for what deep down is only causing them pain.  That they too can simply, with or without money power, be happy and loved, not for what they have, but for who they are.   

As we be the change in ourselves and imagine it for others everything changes!  

Scrooge after his ordeal comes through good and true!

And we can thank them for controlling our world while it was needed, while as a human race we were not able or responsible enough to manage our own affairs, and now, thank you very muchly, it is not needed.  The light is coming! 

We are all ready to step into this new era, where we work with mutual respect and peaceful joy, as we accept ourselves for who we are: Children of the Cosmos.

And you know, if it doesn´t happen, the 2012 thing, if we have all fallen into some collective myth, all the above is still true: we do know that our actions affect our tomorrow, and so lets just do it anyway.  We are the ones we have all been waiting for to evolve human consciousness!!

As the Course of Miracles says:  
We are limitless in our power and in our peace”. 

Namaste! Paz! Shanti! Peace! ειρήνη!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Light is Coming!!!!

So women and other feminine spirits of my heart, I have had an idea this morning, which I do not think is really my idea at all, but it just came into me.  How about this:

Lets say, for sake of argument, that we are going into the age of Aquarius.
Lets say, in the global scale that it is around now 2012.
Lets just say that.

Movements of the spheres.

Now, the age of Aquarius, for all the research that I´ve done, and the intuition that flows in, is an age of femininity.  Not of masculinity as we have all been living.  Not of hierarchies and status. As the present masculinity reaches its limit and finds itself meaningless, absurd, it sacrifices itself into the nothingness and we have a re-birth of femininity, giving everything a new meaning.

Lets say that up to now, in the age of Pisces, that we have been giving all authority to external figures: hospitals and doctors, lawyers and courts, teachers and schools, universities and pubs, and other such closely related institutions.  We ask the priest in his church what to believe, the doctor how to relate to our bodies, the school how and what we want to concentrate on.

Lets say that now, we harvest the masculine information and we give thanks for it, and we begin a more feminine way of living: where we exist in the world, dealing with the present, and taking the responsibility of our existence to heart.  Where we begin to decide for ourselves, instead of relying on external authorities, where we begin to have self love and self confidence and self esteem and self respect and self health…where we integrate and see differences and enjoy living.

Enjoy living.

Can you imagine that.  All day, every day?

And why not?

Really?  Why not?

And so, you divine women and men who are in contact with your femininity (we all have our feminine (and masculine) sides), ohh loved ones let us rejoice with our lives in the complexity of our times; because suddenly life IS more complicated, we haven´t got a conveyor belt to stay on any longer, things are changing and with our feminine intuition we are adapting. Only one generation ago women didn´t choose to have children, they just did.  My mother didn´t spend 5 neurotic years swinging, in her mid thirties, to “Yes! I want a child” to “No! I don´t want a child”.  By then she was in the car ferrying me and my bro to swim class, music class and to brownies (where my bro wanted to go) and to the scouts (where I wanted to go).

We seem to have so much newness to contend with as we wonder why the external makes our lives impossible (really who makes our external if not us?). Full respect for those who keep un-knotting themselves, living as they see fit for the here and now, rather than the was and would have been correct.  For it is not easy to decide for oneself, it is not easy to think “What do I want?”, it is not easy to create a life with one´s own creation.  And yet we are.  We are not just doing because someone said we should, as we move around and do this and that and generally fend off the word “failure”.  For we all know we are failures in the past model.  We all know that if we had got down to it, we could have been a useful and influential figure of external authority by now, so that we could have more money and power and respect from traditional others, because god-damn we are all so eduated and intellectual and able. We are sitting on a gold mine.

We have chosen to live A DIFFERENT WAY.  Like artists, who create, we create our own world and as Thomas A Edison said "If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves." Just amongst only my beautiful feminine friends we act in front of school children getting dressed up as little red ridinghood and love it, we make documentaries even though it is difficult to get them edited, we start up fish spas, we find new ways to heal our bodies and our wounds, or create keyboards that control two computers, or create a wonderful new dish to eat, or wear pixie ears (it was pixie wasn´t it? (I know this is a sensitive subject)) on dates to relax the guy, or wear goggles when cutting up onions. 

Las señoritas de Avignon.  Picasso

We are being brave enough to try and be ourselves. Bravo! It is by our example that we help the collective consciousness into the next era, where we take the responsibility for our own lives and our emotional reactions to life.

And, finally, thank you to the divas, the women who have gone before us, who have changed the face of the collective, the feminists RIP and now the new women who have had the courage to keep their hearts open even in the uproar of the past pattern crashing, to love, to Love, to allow Love and to allow oneself to be loved, Loved.

Wow, we are doing great girls, women, beautiful men in contact with your feminine being.  We are doing simply great:  Enjoying ourselves, allowing ourselves to be graced with joy and love and creativity, and simply being more authentic.


Well done.

Pat on the back. Big sea seal noise of approval. Huarhuarhuar!!

Keep going! Keep risking being yourself, setting up courses that you want to share, allowing children and others to express themselves as they are, not how others think they should be, thinking out of the box, falling in love with the light in someone´s eye regardless of age or race or sex, writing books and poems and acting and singing and dancing and making music and decorating life with the finery of our own expression, allowing differences and beauty to flood like sunlight into our lives. 

And now I´m going to go for a walk to look around and feel it.  Ohh what a glorious day!

Jump into it!!  Enjoy!!  Be!!!

Seal of Approval!!