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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Magic Trick to Happiness Now.

May all beings be happy.  
May all beings be peaceful. 
May all beings be liberated.

The last blog talked about having the confidence to realise that we are fine as we are and we should express it.  It talked about Lefteris and his voice, saying that he is fine as he is, that he doesn´t need to get anywhere, that just as he is, he is a wonderful singer, and as soon as he lets it sink like dew into his heart he will be what he wants to be, because, he already is it.

And that is the trick! The magic that arises as we open the door to loosing control of who we would like to be, and allow ourselves to be, now, here. Changing second by second. You are fine as you are, you are unique, there is no-one like you, so stop trying to be you (or like others), just be.

No one can have the internal landscape that you have. My psyche is brushing upon but isn´t by a long stretch, musical. I dabble, but I don´t hear music in my head.  I know it exists cos I´ve heard it and was amazed.  For a breathtaking few seconds I heard music that I haven´t heard before, with the full orchestral richness of sound, with no instruments around due to the fact I had a rubber hat on in the middle of a swimming pool. 

What causes real amazement is realising that there must be people who LIVE like this, with this music playing autonomously in their head. This is how they think. As one tries to reduce mental noise, for example, trying to silence ideas, feelings, images, to come back into one´s body, other people have other clouds of mental activity in their minds. Colours, sounds, images, logic, feelings, smells, construction blue prints, tastes, photographic memories, etc…and then combine that with how we feel about being alive…really it is impossible that anyone on this planet experiences life as you do. Every single one of us has a completely different perspective on a reality that the others may not even be aware of.

We are all so unique, worlds unto ourselves and as Albert Einstein said “Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live all its life believing that it is stupid!”

And wonderfully at the same time we are all children of the Cosmos. We are all made up of astral material.  We are all made of a slightly different configuration of the same, with whole areas richly connected with details and possibilities and others that we don´t dominate very well, and with a majority of material we are absolutely blind to.   

But there is a place where we unite. As we move away from that place where we are totally alone, that battle ground of the instinctual dragon within, and move through the learnings as we experience the feelings and thoughts of our individual psyches, we near the centre of our hearts, and move into comprehension. This is where we connect to ourselves, to others and to the Universe.  This is where we truly become who we are: Peace, Joy, Love, Truth, Power. This is our inheritance. It is who we are, but our “I” is not. As we go through the membrane of Beauty without being dazzled to what is behind, we find a whole universe of no-thing. The void at the centre, the emptiness, the absolute nothingness.  Our “I”s are afraid of it, because they have to become invisible for us to connect, they have to die to be reborn.

If we can act inspired from this place of within, our whole world changes, opens, softens.  We become ourselves. 

We spend our whole time searching desperately for what we want to be. Trying hard to feel good, to find love in our lives, growing as well as we can, attempting with every breath to evolve.  And it is all upside down wrong. 

As long as we look to be something, we tell ourselves that we are not that now. As long as we search we will never find. Yea, yea, yea I said years ago when my shrink told me that…yeah yeah yeah.

So, a little story: a friend of mine was terribly shy at school. His elder bro is autistic with Asperger’s and having an elder bro who was a weirdo (a person with totally unique mental world) was not easy. He chose to stay out the attention of others and so became shy and retiring.  He is a super clever dude too and got into Oxford, which was a big feat for a Northerner in those days. He decided, the day before going to University, where he knew no one, that the only way to have confidence, was, erm, to have confidence. 

And he did it! 

He managed to make the flip. He went confidently and was confident.  He didn´t become confident, he didn’t work on it, wasn´t searching for it, he just decided to be it. 

“To be or not to be” - Hamlet´s decision to become a murderer or not - but it can be used in the same way to decide to be happy or not…to be alive or not…to be confident or not…to be love or not.

Instead of looking for it, decide to be it. Be love. Now. Express it in your own unique way.  Or if you decide to be peace, be peace.  Right now.  Through our hearts the Now contains all that we are. At the end of the day, we can think about how to be in the now, or we can just be in it.  We can think about love, or be it, we can dream about peace or be peaceful. We can not be or we can be.

When we start to breath properly and realise that we are OK just as we are, right now, and start to have a relationship with who we truly are and get used to being who we really are - love and joy, peace, truth, and power - then our actions are creative.  We create.  From our heart outwards. It is the bottom line of being an artist: a life artist.  When we stop relying on changing circumstances for our happiness, and instead just decide to be who we truly are, right now, right here, it creates a peace that allows union with all of life.

It is not a matter of sitting around being love and peace, we all have to eat and provide for ourselves and others, but if we connect with our inner self all our actions will be inspired by that essence from inside out. When we love ourselves and are full of love for ourselves, then we can share it with those in our lives creatively.  Lets forget about lack, about having to get from outside to fill within.  Lets give who we are, for they say you have to give it away to keep it - and so we step into abundance. We attract what we are.  We create with what is universal in our own unique way, and it attracts others, for they recognise the source.

With life within, we create outwards into the unique present, by accepting it and not wanting to be or to have anything more or less than is in this here-now. Each moment contains all that it needs to exist. Peace comes with knowing that what we are doing now, is valid right now.  We are in the right place at the right time. We do not need to get anywhere, we do not need to be better, we do not need to have this information, or that feeling, go on that course, read this book, travel somewhere, have that experience…right now, here, as you are reading this, you´re fine as you are. Wonderfully you expressing your uniqueness. 

We are the King or Queen of our inner experiences. We chose how we feel. It is only us who chose if we want to love or not, to be or not. As we chose happiness, for example, we see that all beings want to be happy, and that this impulse unites us. When we decide to truly love ourselves, we want to take care of others, because that is what is most enriching, or nourishing, for us.

Even the dark difficult times are not “bad” unless we decide to label it so. We can choose to love ourselves and our lives even with the bits we don´t like.  Pain, is a wake up call to relax into the now. Anger is a wake up call to remember love. If we recognise our anger, our fears and accept them, then they will not have to fight so hard to be heard and will snore off to sleep. If we are alive and present, aware in the moment, perhaps we will learn the real reason why we are angry and get to the centre of the matter.  If we plant seeds we get the trees of the seeds we planted, and so often we are planting, without knowing it, seeds that we really don´t want to have to harvest. Being fully alive and alert in the present helps us to see what we are doing behind our own backs!

If we create with the situation, we´ll find, perhaps, that being pushed in on all sides, being pressured, compressed, squoshed and squeezed, is just how we create essence. Flower essence is created by concentrating thousands of petals.  A tight situation can help us connect to our essence. Pain and difficulty keeps us awake, to be in the here-now and if we are aware we can see it as a gift to remember to stay in the now, as a possibility of relaxing into it and transcending the pain into a state of greater peace. If we can remain within our truth when all is going helter-skelter around us, even when we are pressurized into a tiny microscopic eye in a torment of a storm, we have a better opportunity to experience our essence. As like attracts like, from that infinitely small point of compressed being, with grace, we can expand out into the Universal, since it is of the same essence!!! It is creation.

Eckhart Tolle says “You are not separate from the whole. You are one with the sun, the earth, the air. You don't have a life. You are life.”

Any words on top of this connection with essence distract from who we truly are.  But when we step out of heaven, out of that place of stillness, of joy, of loving everything around us, including ourselves, when we get into that addiction of thinking that we are not good enough, our self value drops into fears and we put on a defence mechanism, pull out a complex, or just scream. We move away from being who we really are, instead of creation we buy into reaction. 

Creation. Reaction. The same letters configured differently.  And we can choose…REALLY HONESTLY…we can chose to which side we want to be on. We can choose to come out of the mind into the heart and simply be, or we can choose to identify with our mental thoughts and feelings. With our hearts we are able see the truth of who we are, what we are and accept it as the gift it is.

The truth of who we are, it would seem, is in the silence between the words.

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You are getting wiser by the day, Julia of Julialandia. Would love to visit this land of yours... Big hug.